Tech-enhanced general contractor for scaleable homebuilding.

Automated bookkeeping and financial intelligence for SMBs.

Digitized records management for the aviation industry.

Human-centric cybersecurity platform for enterprises.

Streamlined client management software for tax firms. 

Centralized communication platform for services businesses.

Industry-specific generative AI for the energy production industry.

Next-gen observability for enterprise DevOps teams.

Document process automation for third-party administrators.

AI-powered search for enterprise web systems.

Conversational intelligence platform for dental offices. 

Data composability platform for backend engineers.

Scaleable digital tipping for the hospitality industry. 

Tech-enabled property maintenance services for real estate owners.

The world’s first transformer-specific AI chip.

Workload management platform for high-performance computing.

Conversational recruiting software for enterprises. 

*Angel investment by Jack Selby prior to AZ-VC Fund formation.